The Soundgram Story
SOUNDGRAM is the company name that's comprised of several music and audio activities. Driving force behind Soundgram is: Film Composer, Multi-instrumentalist, Sounddesigner, Producer and Songwriter Johan van der Voet

The meaning of the word “Soundgram” stands for the weight (Gram) that music and sound have in (or on) a film/video/game production. That’s why you see our logo sometimes with one of those weights you needed on a scale balance. Soundgram Post is our main work, composing music for picture and handling all other post-production audio work. Soundgram Publishing is somewhat of a music factory. It handles all the music rights but also has two production music labels (Final Cue & Soundgram Music Library) that promote and sell more than 600 tracks of media music around the globe. And finally Soundgram Records is our record label that releases our film and/or production music to the world on platforms like iTunes, Spotify and Google.

To do this we have a great team of people that work in our studio’s to give you the best possible solution within your budget to get great sound and memorizing music in your production so you can ‘wow’ the public. We are here for the ride with you, so if you’re still reading this it’s time to pick up that phone and book your FREE session and see (and hear) for your self why so many people like to work with and for Soundgram. Call us now on +31 (0)30-3021469