How Safe Sailings became the company motto for Biglift

Staying safe while working has become more and more important. It’s so important that the company ‘BigLift Shipping’ has made it into one of their company mottos. Together with specialised companies, we made sure that people know this.

BigLift is instructing their own sailors on this safety importance with a campaign they started called ‘Safe Sailings’. This campaign was in need of a strong trailer video.

In their new campain video, BigLift created an instructional video titled ‘Safe Sailings’. In the video they want to convey the important message of safety on the sailing workplace. Emphasizing the need of wearing a helmet, gloves, safety goggles and taking breaks, was their mission. A few companies came together to help put this message out in the world. Soundgram Post being one of those companies.

A trailer announcing the start of this campain was a good start. Because of it’s strong ability convey a message, the video itself had to be just as strong. With this mentality, Spliethoff started creating content for this video. A mix of imaging, speech and sound was a must.

For the imaging Saskia Scholte and Aafke Kleppe worked on creating the content. When a multimedia specialist and an experienced art director come together, you can expect something impressive. The content they created was a strong basis. A mix of close up imaging and graphic effects that control the focus, was a great way of giving sailors the right impression. Now we needed an equally as strong voice-over.

This is where Jack Luceno stepped in. With a voice that you might recognize from ‘Enemy Mine’, ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and ‘Brothers Keeper’, his deep voice was a perfect fit. While in New York City, he made time in his busy schedule to help us create a voice for Safe Sailings. It’s safe to say that the way he conveys lines like “Safe Sailings, anywhere, any time. A way of working, a way of living”, gives the already strong message the right intention.

Now, there is another indispensable factor that plays a really important part in this message of course, the music! Images give people an impression, a voice–over makes people register the message, music adds a feeling of urgency. Soundgram Post took the time to understand what the video needed, and composer Johan van der Voet provided the right mix of modern and orchesteral sounds. The strong background track incorporates a motivational feeling together with the feeling of greatness to really accentuate the importance of the message and the company BigLift.

We hope you enjoy watching the video as much as we did making it!

Gezocht: Stagairs Marketing en Studio-Assistentie

Wil jij stage lopen bij een succesvolle muziek en opname studio gevestigd in Utrecht? Soundgram Post, een postproductiebedrijf gespecialiseerd in audio en muziek, is op zoek naar 2 stagiairs!

Marketing & Backoffice

Stagair(e) Soundgram Post

Functie: Marketing Stagiair
Bij: Soundgram Post Production Utrecht
Vanaf: Per direct/oktober 2017
Duur: 3-6 maanden
Uren per week: 24-40


Soundgram Post production is per direct op zoek naar een creatieve stagair(e) die o.a. onze marketing voor zijn/haar rekening kan nemen.
Vind jij het leuk om naast het bedenken van marketing plannen ook zelf foto’s en video’s te maken? (Daar helpen we je bij) Vind je het leuk om kennis te maken met acteurs en regiseurs en vind jij het leuk om achter (en wellicht voor?) de schermen te helpen bij de realisatie van onze film scores, popmuziek, studio opnames en CD’s? Dan hebben wij een leuke stage plek voor jou!


Als stagiair(e) hou je je onder andere bezig met de volgende werkzaamheden:

– Implementatie en verbeteren van marketing-/bedrijfsplan
– Bijhouden en ontwikkelen websites, social media, Print, Blog e.d.
– Ondersteuning bij diverse bedrijfsactiviteiten
– Bellen en mailen met klanten, leveranciers, muzikanten, pers.


– Georganiseerd en Zelfstandig
– Beheerst software als Excel, Word en social media.
– Engels kunnen lezen en schrijven
– Kennis en/of interesse in de muziek- en Film/TV industrie
– Bij voorkeur ervaring met WordPress, html en photoshop (hulp beschikbaar)
– Hbo-student met relevante studierichting marketing/communicatie)

Rijbewijs benodigd: nee

“Soundgram Post” is een Audio- en Muziek-Post-Productiebedrijf o.l.v. componist en sounddesigner Johan van der Voet. Soundgram is een bedrijf dat professioneel geluid en originele muziek creëert voor film, tv, games en commercials, in samenwerking met een scala aan professionele freelancers.
I.v.m. uitbreiding van onze bedrijfsactiviteiten op korte termijn hebben we iemand nodig die ons helpt het marktsegment te vergroten en ons bedrijf als naam definitief te vestigen. Eerste indruk:

Reageren /

Een stage vergoeding voor deze functie is bespreekbaar.


Composer – & Studio-Assistentie

Soundgram Post is per direct op zoek naar een stagair(e) die de opname- en productiestudio komt versterken.

Als studiostagiair(e) houd je je onder andere bezig met de volgende werkzaamheden:

–           Op- en afbouw in de opnamestudio, opbouw microfoons en assistentie in opnames

–           Administratie van muziek, editen en masteren van muziek

–           Kantoorwerkzaamheden m.b.t. onze muziek publishing activiteiten

–           Compositie, pre-productie, arrangeren, scores maken

–           Sound design, mixing, foley-opnames

Momenteel werken we aan de score voor twee speelfilms waarvoor ook live opnames gemaakt moeten worden, dus hier zou je veel ondersteunende werkzaamheden bij kunnen doen. Het doen van een afstudeeropdracht behoort tot de mogelijkheden. Ervaring met Apple mac en Logic Pro is een must.


Info opvragen?

Stuur een mail naar Maaike van der Wel:


Stuur je CV en motivatie naar

Soundgram’s Happy New Year update

What if I told you this is gona be a great year?!

These next months we will work on two feature films, we are working on songs for various artist and we just launched our very own Media Music Library!

Release ‘Poedersuikerplein’
The song ‘Poedersuikerplein,’ written by Johan van der Voet and Leonie van der Klein, was picked up by Dutch singer Paul de Leeuw. It is featured on his new album ‘Land Van Mij,’ which was released at October 31st.




Feature film Kristen


The feature film ‘Kristen,’ which premiered last year at the Dutch Film Festival, has been released on dvd and video on demand. It also will premiere abroad, as it’s selected by the Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei in Barcelona. Congratulations to director Mark Weistra! Click here for the trailer.


Music use abroad

Some of Soundgram’s tracks have been used again by TV abroad! You could hear our music on ‘The Voice van Vlaanderen’ en ‘Familie’ in Belgium. In New Zealand our music has been featured on TV One’s ‘Rickey Smiley for Real’ and in the US we had a track in HGTV’s ‘Masters of Flip.’ Our Crime Scene Investigation music is also very popular in the USA. Check our new IMDB soundtrack credits to see all the details… and, just in: We have a placement in James Cameron’s “Atlantis Rising” 

So, what if I told you….

Succes for Dutch Songwriter Leonie van der Klein

Songwriter Leonie van der Klein has been working hard together with songwriter/producer Johan van der Voet to record demo’s of their new Dutch songs.

(please click this news item to listen to the demo reel)

leonie van der Klein


From the songs written these past few months, one is already recorded and released by Andre Hazes Jr. and currently at no. 2 position in the Dutch radio charts.

Several songs are now being pitched to artist. Here is compilation for you to enjoy. Please leave your remarks or contact us direct if you need any further info.

New CD Release: Crime Scene Investigation Music by John Sommerfield

Don’t you love all those police drama’s and crime series on TV? We do, and as a fan and composer John Sommerfield came up with the idea to produce tracks that could be used in crime series as “Crime Scene Investigation” and ” Dexter”. With this in mind he started producing last year and now Soundgram records is about to release the album “Crime Scene Investigation Music” by John Sommerfield. The album features 20 tracks full of exciting and gritty elements that will blend in perfectly with contemporary crime TV series.
You can preview the album on iTunes here and there is also the possibility to pre-order “Crime Scene Investigation Music” here. The definite release will take place on the 10th of july! John Sommerfield’s past “crime” music credits already include NBC’s Dateline, Discovery Channel’s “True Crime With Aphrodite Jones”, “Corridor killer” (Series Very Bad Men) and the new serie “Deceived” which is currently on TV1 in USA! We’re sure these new tracks will find their way too in some prime-time crime shows. Enjoy!


Post Production for “bulb”

We are happy to tell you we were chosen to do sounddesign and post-production for a short animated movie called “Bulb”. We are doing this in order of Radicle, An animation studio based in HongKong!
We are very glad that we have the opportunity to work on this project!
Check our newsletter for more info!