Exquisite Scorpse Live


Exquiste Scorpse is an exciting pan European musical creation. The concept is to create a multi territorial musical piece. It aims at highlighting the inventiveness, the diversity and the richness of the European musical creation. The principle of “Exquisite Scorpse” (from “score” and “corpse”) is an adaptation of the “Exquisite Corpse game” to the musical creation.

Seven internationally renowned composers and songwriters are taking part in this musical creation. The resulting piece will be @Creators2015

conducted by Franck Vagagnée live for its “Grand Premiere” during The Creators conference.

I’m excited to reveal that Johan van der Voet is one of these composers! The event at the end of the creators conference will be streamed and travel Europe with more live performances. Johan’s composition starts at 10 minutes and 3 seconds into the performance…