How Safe Sailings became the company motto for Biglift

Staying safe while working has become more and more important. It’s so important that the company ‘BigLift Shipping’ has made it into one of their company mottos. Together with specialised companies, we made sure that people know this.

BigLift is instructing their own sailors on this safety importance with a campaign they started called ‘Safe Sailings’. This campaign was in need of a strong trailer video.

In their new campain video, BigLift created an instructional video titled ‘Safe Sailings’. In the video they want to convey the important message of safety on the sailing workplace. Emphasizing the need of wearing a helmet, gloves, safety goggles and taking breaks, was their mission. A few companies came together to help put this message out in the world. Soundgram Post being one of those companies.

A trailer announcing the start of this campain was a good start. Because of it’s strong ability convey a message, the video itself had to be just as strong. With this mentality, Spliethoff started creating content for this video. A mix of imaging, speech and sound was a must.

For the imaging Saskia Scholte and Aafke Kleppe worked on creating the content. When a multimedia specialist and an experienced art director come together, you can expect something impressive. The content they created was a strong basis. A mix of close up imaging and graphic effects that control the focus, was a great way of giving sailors the right impression. Now we needed an equally as strong voice-over.

This is where Jack Luceno stepped in. With a voice that you might recognize from ‘Enemy Mine’, ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and ‘Brothers Keeper’, his deep voice was a perfect fit. While in New York City, he made time in his busy schedule to help us create a voice for Safe Sailings. It’s safe to say that the way he conveys lines like “Safe Sailings, anywhere, any time. A way of working, a way of living”, gives the already strong message the right intention.

Now, there is another indispensable factor that plays a really important part in this message of course, the music! Images give people an impression, a voice–over makes people register the message, music adds a feeling of urgency. Soundgram Post took the time to understand what the video needed, and composer Johan van der Voet provided the right mix of modern and orchesteral sounds. The strong background track incorporates a motivational feeling together with the feeling of greatness to really accentuate the importance of the message and the company BigLift.

We hope you enjoy watching the video as much as we did making it!