Soundgram Post begins crowdfunding to finish Dutch adventure film

Director Mark Weistra teams up with composer Johan van der Voet to complete a cute family feature just in time for the holidays

Soundgram Post Main Production Suite “B” for Soundtrack Mixing

The Film

The Club of Five is a film like you’ve never seen before: a summer adventure film about Sinterklaas!  A charismatic group of childhood friends discover a big mystery, a hidden plot about Sinterklaas that needs to be unmasked!  However, there are dark forces at work trying to put a stop to their quest.  Gradually The Club of Five unveils an evil plan that could destroy the Sinterklaas holiday for generations … maybe forever! Click here for the trailer!

The Story

The Club of Five is almost finished, but two crucial elements are missing: the sound and the music! Due to unforeseen weather and production delays there was no budget left for the sound mixing and the musical score.  And frankly: What is a film without music?

Soundgram Post Productions has generously promised to take care of the audio post production at cost. With your contribution Johan can also get started with composing the soundtrack so the music can be recorded with gifted musicians and the team can get busy with the sound design. Our goal is to start final post-production in March and be ready by June, in time for the Dutch Film Festival in the fall and a theatrical release near the holidays.

The Team

Mark Weistra is an experienced filmmaker and dedicated director with a passion for Dutch film ( ).  His filmography spans many genres, including thriller (Taxandrea, 2008), horror (Kristen, 2015) and suspense (Het Verhoor, 2018). The Club of Five is the first children’s film that Mark made, fully shot in the Netherlands with Dutch actors and the real Sinterklaas of course!

Johan van der Voet is a noted Dutch composer who owns Soundgram Post ( an audio & music production studio in Utrecht. His 25-year career includes soundtrack work on nearly 100 film and television shows, as well as hundreds of sessions with musicians, artists, and voice-overs artists. The Club of Five is the third feature film in which Johan and Mark have worked together.

The Impact

In the midst of all the English-language films that dominate the local cinemas nowadays, this warm, cozy Dutch film offers a welcome change. It’s a movie in which children from The Netherlands see themselves on the big screen as epic adventurers, portrayed as honest, loyal and smart.  With Sinterklaas in the spotlight, The Club of Five has the potential to bring families together every year, a holiday traditional for years to come!

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