Final Cue Music Library Merges with Soundgram Hits 20 Million Views on TikTok

PRESS RELEASE – 3 March 2022

Final Cue Music Library Merges with Soundgram

Hits 20 Million Views on TikTok


 The Dutch Final Cue Music Library has found amazing success with recent social media placements heard around the world by millions.


 In 2020, Soundgram Post acquired, revised, and updated the Final Cue Music Library – which was relaunched in December of last year.  Since then, the use of the catalog on social media has exploded, particularly on TikTok, the short-form video sharing platform.  In just over one month almost a thousand videos were created using Final Cue Music resulting in over twenty million views and thousands of streams on Spotify and YouTube.


“We anticipated and pushed social media use after the update,” says label manager Scott Pearson, “and creators have responded in kind.  We couldn’t be happier with our new  audience as the platform gains momentum in the marketplace.”


For Soundgram CEO and new Final Cue Library owner Johan van der Voet, the recent upsurge is the happy result of spending the last year reworking the collection.   


“We added a lot of new music and purged tracks we didn’t think worked anymore,” said the producer, “especially with social media and commercials in mind.”


 As of January 2022, the entire new collection of over 1000 unique tracks was made available online with an improved search engine and a more efficient tagging system.  “This surge is a trend we would like to see continue throughout the year,” says van der Voet with a smile, “I’m glad it made all that work last year worth it all.”

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