Recording and Mixing

  • Apple 8core Mac Pro 2.4GHz 24Gb Ram 2x1TB HD & SSD
  • Apple 6core Mac Pro 3.33GHz 16Gb Ram 2x1TB HD & SSD
  • Apple 4core Mac Pro 2.8GHz x2
  • Apple dual G5 2.0GHz 1,5 Tb HD
  • Protools 11 (64bit) & Logic Pro X (64 bit)
  • Protools 8HD with 3x digidesign 192 and 1x 96i/o
  • Motu 828MkIII and 32 channel AD/DA
  • Soundtracs 24 channel analog mixing desk
  • Final Cut Pro 7.0
  • Digidesign D-command with Xmon
  • Tascam DA-P1 DAT field recorder
  • Tascam DA-45 Dat recorder
  • Full HD (1920) and 3D projection 2.70m wide screen
  • Guitars, Piano, Organ, Flutes, Percussion, Drums



  • KRK active 5.1 monitor system with 10″ Sub woofer
  • AKG Studio240 Headphones
  • Studio headphones



  • AKG, Audix, Avantone, Rode, Superlux, Shure, Sennheiser
  • Decca tree setup, Ribbons, vocal and drum mics


Outboard gear

  • Watkins copycat tape delay
  • Behringer headphone amp
  • Guitar pedals & Patchbays



  • Waves plug-ins like SSL, CLA, L3, C6, Q10, Abbey Road reverb plates
  • More than 250 Logic (AU/VST) and Protools (AAC64) plugins
  • TC electronic Large Hall reverb
  • Samples from VSL, EW Hollywood, Native Instruments, 8DIO, Cinesamples