Use Soundgram’s production music for free

We’ve made it easy for production companies to use our music in TV broadcast content

If you are a production company: did you know you can easily use our production music for BBC, ITV, SKY, DISCOVERY, RTL, NPO, SBS, or radio content? Through the MCPS-PRS or BUMA-STEMRA licence with the BBC and other broadcasters, you can access all our production music tracks of the highest quality for free, making our music an obvious choice for BBC productions.

The blanket TV broadcast licence gives access to tracks for use on the BBC’s public service television channels, radio stations, on-demand services and the BBC World Service.

So to be clear the tracks of our Soundgram music library are already covered under the BBC’s licence with PRS for Music.

A bit more about the licence…

It covers all of the following BBC Television channels – BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Four, BBC News, BBC Parliament, CBeebies, CBBC, BBC Scotland, BBC Alba, BBC Arabic (World Service) and BBC Persia (World Service). Radio channels – Radio 1, Radio 1Xtra, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4, Radio 4 Extra, Radio 5 Live, Radio 5 Live Sports Extra, Radio 6 Music, Asian Network, Radio Scotland, Radio Nan Gàidheal, Radio Ulster, Radio Foyle, Radio Wales, Radio Cymru, Radio Cymru 2, BBC Local Radio and BBC World Service.

From 2019, the Soundgram Production Music Library can be used in content made for the above services without additional fees being charged to the BBC, the producer, or the distributor for the creation or distribution of content further down the line. This means that content can be sold or supplied to the likes of Netflix, Amazon or Britbox (who will have their own licences for copying and streaming content on their platforms).

Here’s a Q&A to help you with some questions you might have:

Q. I’m working on a BBC television programme for one or more of the channels outlined above. BBC Studios will then sell it on to third parties (e.g. Netflix, Britbox, Amazon Prime, iTunes). Is that covered by the licence?

A. Yes, the licence includes distribution rights to third parties.

Q. What if the programme I’m working on is sold by another distributor? Is that also covered by the licence?

A. Yes, as long as the programme is being produced for use on the BBC’s public service television channels, the licence includes the right for all distributors to sell the programme to third parties, not just BBC Studios.

Q. We’re producing content for the BBC in the UK and we would like to use some of Soundgram’s and other MCPS Production Music, is that covered by the licence?

A. Yes, all tracks from Soundgram and MCPS Production Music is covered.

Q. Does it cover co-productions?

A. Yes, as long as the BBC has contributed at least 10% of the total production costs.

Q. Will promos made under the licence be cleared for use online (e.g. Facebook, YouTube etc.)?

A. Yes, promos containing Soundgram’s production music can be made available on social media and other online services worldwide.

Q. Anything else I should be aware of?

A. Where content made under the BBC’s (or ITV/NPO/RTL) blanket licence is sold or supplied to a third party service (e.g. Netflix, YouTube or Facebook), that third party should have a licence to cover any copies it makes, and any streams or downloads of the content it makes available.

Got further questions? Please get in touch.

Soundgram’s Happy New Year update

What if I told you this is gona be a great year?!

These next months we will work on two feature films, we are working on songs for various artist and we just launched our very own Media Music Library!

Release ‘Poedersuikerplein’
The song ‘Poedersuikerplein,’ written by Johan van der Voet and Leonie van der Klein, was picked up by Dutch singer Paul de Leeuw. It is featured on his new album ‘Land Van Mij,’ which was released at October 31st.




Feature film Kristen


The feature film ‘Kristen,’ which premiered last year at the Dutch Film Festival, has been released on dvd and video on demand. It also will premiere abroad, as it’s selected by the Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei in Barcelona. Congratulations to director Mark Weistra! Click here for the trailer.


Music use abroad

Some of Soundgram’s tracks have been used again by TV abroad! You could hear our music on ‘The Voice van Vlaanderen’ en ‘Familie’ in Belgium. In New Zealand our music has been featured on TV One’s ‘Rickey Smiley for Real’ and in the US we had a track in HGTV’s ‘Masters of Flip.’ Our Crime Scene Investigation music is also very popular in the USA. Check our new IMDB soundtrack credits to see all the details… and, just in: We have a placement in James Cameron’s “Atlantis Rising” 

So, what if I told you….

Succes for Dutch Songwriter Leonie van der Klein

Songwriter Leonie van der Klein has been working hard together with songwriter/producer Johan van der Voet to record demo’s of their new Dutch songs.

(please click this news item to listen to the demo reel)

leonie van der Klein


From the songs written these past few months, one is already recorded and released by Andre Hazes Jr. and currently at no. 2 position in the Dutch radio charts.

Several songs are now being pitched to artist. Here is compilation for you to enjoy. Please leave your remarks or contact us direct if you need any further info.

New CD Release: Crime Scene Investigation Music by John Sommerfield

Don’t you love all those police drama’s and crime series on TV? We do, and as a fan and composer John Sommerfield came up with the idea to produce tracks that could be used in crime series as “Crime Scene Investigation” and ” Dexter”. With this in mind he started producing last year and now Soundgram records is about to release the album “Crime Scene Investigation Music” by John Sommerfield. The album features 20 tracks full of exciting and gritty elements that will blend in perfectly with contemporary crime TV series.
You can preview the album on iTunes here and there is also the possibility to pre-order “Crime Scene Investigation Music” here. The definite release will take place on the 10th of july! John Sommerfield’s past “crime” music credits already include NBC’s Dateline, Discovery Channel’s “True Crime With Aphrodite Jones”, “Corridor killer” (Series Very Bad Men) and the new serie “Deceived” which is currently on TV1 in USA! We’re sure these new tracks will find their way too in some prime-time crime shows. Enjoy!