John Sommerfield

Download CD “The One Man Journey”  or stream it here…

Download CD “Epic Film Tracks”  or stream it here…

John Sommerfield is an artist discovered in the Netherlands. Over the last 12 years he has produced unique and inspirational music that has enthralled listeners the world over.Fans can now download his work with a special release of his album “The One Man Journey”, out now on iTunes (Worldwide), Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic and LimeWire stores. This was the first album to
be released from Soundgram’s catalogue. As this album is a true “One Man” operation with John playing all 37 instruments while mixing and recording it too, it could make the album a global phenomenon. This exciting  instrumental concept album will not only appeal to people that love New Age music, but also to the fans of Mike Oldfield, Allan Parsons and symphonic rock groups. For those who like things old school, there is a physical CD version released so order your CD copy with Soundgram. To celebrate the release, auditions for a live band will take place in the future to hopefully bring this unique music to the stage.

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