For Kristen we composed the original filmscore
“Kristen” is a claustrophobic thriller/horror about Kristen Welling, a fragile woman in her late twenties, who, on January first when cleaning the mess of last night’s party, gets terrorized by an unknown person. Kristen was supposed to do this with the help of her boyfriend. But he doesn’t show up or picks up his phone. In the meantime someone keeps calling Kristen asking her to step outside. This person seems to know all about her. More than anyone alive should. And when the first drop of blood is spilled and Kristen’s world turns into a nightmare she has to find out who is doing this…and why.
It’s dark. You’re alone. An unknown person keeps calling and asking you to come outside. He is waiting for you. No one can help. Everything around you is turning into a nightmare. You don’t know who this person is or why he is doing this. All you know is that he is waiting for you and wants you with him, forever. His game has begun.


Cast & Crew


Mark Weistra


Johan van der Voet

Terence Schreurs


Poal Ciaro


Other Productions

De Club Van Vijf
Nieuwe jeugdfilm van Mark Weistra
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We are proud to announce the release of the score album for the motion picture Kristen that has it’s premiere on 28 september 2015 at the Dutch Film Festival.

Soundgram records just¬†released the album composed by Johan van der Voet. The album features 22 tracks of score and also features the song “You need me” that was written for the film.
You can download the album here or stream it on spotify!


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