Our services

Music Composition

The focus of Soundgram’s owner Johan van der Voet has always been music for picture, and out of that love for the moving image the company now has a vast array of credits in Film, TV and Documentary. We combine live recorded instruments with the best sample libraries on the market today and we love to produce a full orchestral filmscore. Our composers and producer Johan van der Voet can send you demo’s of all the options and will create the perfect score for your film, tv series, documentary or game. Please also check our credits on IMDB.

Sound design

Sound design is about enchancing your project with professional grade sound effects, background recordings of environments and sonic textures that make youre movie stand out in stereo or 5.1   We also have a big collection of SFX with any gun, bird or car sound you might need.

Voice over & ADR

We record a lot of ADR (automatic dialog replacement and voice-overs in our studio. Depending on the production we can arrange voices or bring in whoever you want for the job. We make sure the results sounds like it should – professional and perfect.

Mixing & Mastering

Recordings have to be mixed. We know how to make it all sound good together. We mix and master for stereo (2.0) and surround sound (5.1) or 7.1.4 (Dolby Atmos) for Film, CD and DVD productions and deliver 24 bit 96Khz, 320 kbps mp3, AAC, LCR or any other format you need. For game companies we can also help reduce the file size to fit your platform. Check our gear and software on the studio page.


Foley recordings are made to enhance all the onscreen action. We record footsteps, bodymotions and props. It brings all movement to life and gives us complete control to construct your sound vision.


It goes without saying that we record anything and everything. We record Music and sound effects, voices,cars, you name it, we record it. We work with hi definition audio and can handle any format you wish like 96Khz in 24 bit. Our platforms are Avid Protools HD, Protools and Logic Pro X . A complete list of equipment can be found here or visit our studio. we also write, produce, record and mix pop music. If you are a singer-songwriter we can help you. Our recording room is also perfect for classical instruments. We have a dacca-tree setup mixed with two A-B (wide) Ribbon mics and up to 9 spot mic´s for small ensembles