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Solo instruments
Vintage Synth collection
Filmscore Recording

It goes without saying that we record anything and everything. We record Music and sound effects, voices,cars, you name it, we record it. We work with hi definition audio and can handle any format you wish like 96Khz in 24 bit. Our platforms are Avid Protools HD, Protools and Logic Pro X . A complete list of equipment can be found here or visit our studio. we also write, produce, record and mix pop music. If you are a singer-songwriter we can help you. Our recording room is also perfect for classical instruments. We have a dacca-tree setup mixed with two A-B (wide) Ribbon mics and up to 9 spot mic´s for small ensembles

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Recording & Mixing
  • Apple 8core Mac Pro 2.4GHz 24Gb Ram 4x1TB HD & SSD
  • Apple 6core Mac Pro 3.33GHz 16Gb Ram 2x1TB HD & SSD
  • Apple 4core Mac Pro 2.8GHz x2
  • Apple dual G5 2.0GHz 1,5 Tb HD
  • Protools 11 & Logic Pro X
  • Protools 8HD system with 3x digidesign 192
  • Protools 8HD system with 1x digidesign i96
  • Digidesign D-command controller with 5.1 surround panner
  • Motu 828MkIII and 32 channel AD/DA
  • Soundtracs 24 channel analog mixing desk
  • Final Cut Pro Video editing
  • Tascam DA-P1 DAT field recorder
  • Tascam DA-45 Dat recorder
  • Full HD (1920) and 3D projection 2.70m. wide screen
  • Guitars, Piano, Organ, Flutes, Percussion, Drums


  • AKG, Audix, Avantone, Rode, Superlux, Shure, Sennheiser
  • Decca tree setup, Ribbons, various vocal and drum mics
Vintage Synthesizers
  • Roland Juno 106
  • Roland D50
  • Korg MS-10
  • Arp Prosoloist
  • Transcendent 2000
  • Kawai S-100F
  • Behringer model D
  • Roland MVS-1

  • KRK active 5.1 monitor system with 10″ Sub woofer (surround)
  • KRK active RP10-3 G3 (mastering)
  • Avantone  Mixcubes
  • AKG Studio240 Headphones
  • Beyerdynamic DT770 pro headphones
  • Studio headphones


  • Waves plug-ins bundles like SSL, CLA, L3, C6, Q10, Abbey Road reverb
  • More than 250 Logic (AU/VST) and Protools (AAC64) plugins
  • TC electronic Large Hall reverb
  • Samples from VSL, EW Hollywood, Native Instruments, 8DIO, Cinesamples

Outboard Gear

  • Native Instruments Complete control 88
  • Watkins copycat tape delay
  • Behringer headphone amp
  • Guitar pedals & Patchbays
  • Akai Tape recorder
  • Sony Tape recorder
  • 15 part drumkit
  • Harley Benton Bass guitar
  • Electric guitars by Ibanez, Epiphone
  • 12 string guitar
  • Epiphone Mandoline
  • Irish Bouzouki & Banjo
  • Assorted flutes & percussion